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Which brand of supermarket anti-theft eas system is better?

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Which brand of supermarket anti-theft eas system is better?


"Which brand of supermarket anti-theft eas system is better?" I think this is a problem that most merchants are very concerned about when purchasing products. Today, Bohang Electronics combines their own experience to share with you some experience in purchasing supermarket anti-theft eas system. 

Some merchants will think that the performance of the big brand supermarket anti-theft eas system will be very good, but it turns out that we think more. Some so-called big brands have only good advertising, salesman are good, and the real quality of the products is actually Just in general. In fact, when we buy supermarket anti-theft eas system, what brand can not be used as the standard of our choice, for the purchaser, I think we should distinguish the good or bad of the supermarket anti-theft eas system from the following aspects.

1, to combine the situation of their own stores, choose the appropriate supermarket alarm eas system

Due to the geographical location of each store, the size of the store, the layout of the store is different, the types of products to be protected in each store, brand positioning, etc. are different, so the appearance of the anti-theft eas system will be different. Some business owners visited major brand stores, asked about the use of supermarket anti-theft eas system, and ultimately did not choose the right one for themselves. In fact, there are a lot of good supermarket anti-theft eas system, suitable for other stores, not necessarily the best for you, must be combined with the store situation, choose the right one.

2, choose a relatively stable performance of the anti-theft eas system

The performance of supermarket anti-theft system mainly includes false positive rate, detection rate, anti-interference ability, etc. For business owners, the most concerned about is the false positive rate and detection rate. If the clothing alarms installed in the store often have disorderly alarms, not only cause trouble to our staff, but also cause strong dissatisfaction of consumers, resulting in a significant decline in experience. The second is the detection rate. If the detection rate of the anti-theft device is low, the phenomenon of loss of goods will occur, causing serious losses to the store.

3, can not blindly pursue cheap, choose a cost-effective anti-theft device

Since the supermarket anti-theft eas system is a professional high-tech product, in addition to the recommendation of the peers, the introduction of the old users, and the introduction of the manufacturers, the selection criteria are also concerned with the cost performance of the products. When buying goods, merchants must not believe that low-priced can buy high-end products, must be based on the performance of the product to buy.

4. When choosing a product, you must not neglect the quality of after-sales service.

The best thing is bad, so when we choose the anti-theft eas system, we must pay attention to the after-sales service of the product. For the user of the anti-theft eas system, when the clothing anti-theft device fails, it is hoped that the maintenance personnel will come to the door as soon as possible to help solve the problem and resume normal business as soon as possible. In terms of after-sales service, Nanjing Bohang arranges professional engineers to contact within 24 hours!

Nanjing Bohang Electronics focuses on supermarket anti-theft eas system, clothing anti-theft solution system research and development, manufacturers. Anti-theft eas system warranty period is very long, normal one-year shelf life, can be agreed to up to five years warranty, lifetime maintenance. The installation plan is provided free of charge, and the training services such as installation and use are provided at the door, and the product use training service is provided on the day of direct sales customer installation. Every year, the company conducts regular annual inspections of commodity anti-theft devices to ensure the normal use of anti-theft, clothing and anti-theft eas system.

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