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Which system is better for supermarket anti-theft device? [Bohang China]

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Which system is better for supermarket anti-theft device? [Bohang China]


Is it better to choose the EAS AM system or the RF system in the supermarket anti-theft device? First, we need to understand where the main difference between AM and RF systems is. The functions of the products are the same, but the performance of the detection is stronger than that of the RF equipment, and the detection rate is higher. Acoustic magnetic equipment is less affected by electromagnetic waves, and RF equipment is affected more. In terms of price, RF is cheaper than sound and magnetic equipment.


 Bohang supermarket anti-theft device


After understanding the differences, consider installing AM or installing RF anti-theft devices in the case of your own supermarket. If the area of the supermarket is relatively small and the passenger traffic is not large, then the RF anti-theft device can be installed. The anti-theft products installed in the supermarket with a small area will be less, so the RF supermarket anti-theft device with good performance can be used.


However, supermarkets with large areas are recommended to choose a EAS AM system with good performance. The number of large supermarkets is also large, avoiding frequent repairs caused by radio frequency equipment.

Bohang supermarket anti-theft device

Then there is one more thing that must be considered is the environmental impact of the supermarket itself and its surroundings. There is no large-scale electronic equipment around the installation of the RF anti-theft device and the supermarket anti-theft device. This will greatly affect the detection frequency of the tag and affect the detection accuracy. Another point is that if the RF anti-theft device is also installed in the shops around the supermarket, it is recommended not to install the RF, because the two together will greatly affect the detection performance.

Bohang supermarket anti-theft device

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