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Why are more and more clothing stores choosing to install AM eas system?

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Why are more and more clothing stores choosing to install AM eas system?


In order to protect the goods in the store from being stolen by thieves, more and more clothing stores will choose to install clothing alarms eas system before opening. When we go to buy clothing eas system, the sales will generally recommend us to install sound magnetics anti-theft eas system,  the following we will tell everyone why.

Some people think that the anti-theft eas system of the sound magnetic anti-theft system is more expensive than the radio frequency eas system, and the seller can earn more. In fact, they are not much different in price. The seller will not lose a customer because of the difference in earning money. The main reason is that the detection rate of the sound magnetic alarm is high, the false alarm rate is low.

From the level of false positive rate, the false alarm rate of the acoustic magnetic anti-theft eas system is extremely low, mainly because the acoustic magnetic eas system is a resonance phenomenon generated by the tuning fork principle and almost zero false alarm operation. When the frequency of the transmitted signal is consistent with the vibration of the acousto-magnetic eas hard tag, the acoustic-magnetic eas hard tag is similar to the tuning fork, causing resonance to generate a resonance signal; when the receiver detects the resonance signal, the receiving system will issue an alarm.

From the level of anti-jamming capability, the anti-interference ability of the acoustic magnetic anti-theft eas system is far better than that of the radio-frequency anti-theft system. The radio-frequency anti-theft system is extremely susceptible to metal shielding, so the detection rate of the radio-frequency anti-theft system is not as high as that of the acoustic anti-theft system. Metal objects next to it are also very easy to interfere with the RF anti-theft system.

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