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Why choose to use the eas anti-theft alarm system? [Bohang China]

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Why choose to use the eas anti-theft alarm system? [Bohang China]


The term eas anti-theft alarm system sounds professional and is not well understood by most retailers. If it is an anti-theft system designed specifically for public places such as shopping malls and supermarkets, you should know about it! Nowadays, this system has been promoted and popularized, and the good use effect has been unanimously recognized by users. What is the reason for so many people to choose the eas anti-theft alarm system?


Bohang eas anti-theft alarm system


The high-tech electronic technology is used in the eas anti-theft alarm system, so that the product itself has the self-defense anti-theft capability, thus changing the traditional anti-theft mode and achieving the purpose of accurate and effective anti-theft. The reason for choosing to install such a system is that as supermarkets and retail malls continue to increase, bringing convenience to customers, the loss of goods is becoming more serious.


The traditional man-to-man, monitoring and other techniques are prone to fatigue, and because of the small flow of people, the effect is very small, in order to reduce losses can only increase the manpower, thereby increasing expenditure. The eas anti-theft alarm system achieves physical defense and technical defense, and it has an accurate and effective anti-theft effect, and can create a good shopping environment for customers.


Bohang eas anti-theft alarm system

Supermarket products generally have two kinds of eas anti-theft alarm system, one is a small electronic tag, commonly known as "soft standard", and the other is a pin-type magnetic device, commonly known as "hard standard", which are all based on the principle of magnetic induction. Anti-theft, the alarm device at the entrance of the supermarket is also called "anti-damage door", which is equipped with a magnetic sensor. If the item passes through the damage prevention door without degaussing, the eas anti-theft alarm system will alarm.

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