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Why does the eas security system in the supermarket alarm? [Bohang]

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Why does the eas security system in the supermarket alarm? [Bohang]


The eas security system of the supermarket sometimes suddenly alarms itself, and no one will pass the alarm, and there is no anti-theft tag around. The scene environment has not changed, this time should be the problem of the eas system. There are several ways to learn how to troubleshoot which aspect of the device. Today, we will tell you about it.


eas security system

It can be judged by the following aspects:


1. Move the equipment to an open position for testing; if it can be used, it will prove that there is interference at the original installation location, and the interference source should be found (you can consult our technical staff);


2. If it is still not available, it may be a problem with the power supply or the motherboard itself;


3, according to the situation of 1, if it can be used, it proves that there is interference in the installation position, you can change the position of the launch and acceptance, such as the launch on the left, we move it to the right, put the reception on the left for testing;


4, according to the situation of 2, if still can not be used, please consult the technical department of our company to assist;


 eas security system


There is a problem with the supermarket eas security system device, which usually requires professional engineers to solve it. At this time, you need to improve the after-sales service business, you can solve the problem in time to prevent the impact of equipment false positives. The after-sales of the anti-theft device reflects the performance of a manufacturer.

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