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Why does the grocery store not recommend installing EAS anti-theft devices[BOHANG CHINA]

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Why does the grocery store not recommend installing EAS anti-theft devices[BOHANG CHINA]

Every merchant wants to protect his store.If there is a thief, they hope to find them in the first time.So every merchant wants to install EAS anti-theft device for his store to achieve this purpose.But there are many kinds of EAS anti-theft devices on the market, it is difficult to distinguish which one suits you.

bohang EAS anti-theft device

Similarly, EAS anti-theft devices of different quality and different materials,the price is also different.Some people want to spend the least money,but install the best quality EAS anti-theft device.Especially the owners of some small grocery stores.However, most grocery stores  surrounding environments are very complicated.In view of this situation,We recommend either not to install or to install the best quality.

bohang EAS anti-theft device

1,Generally speaking, the area of grocery stores is relatively small.There are so many things in it, it looks very crowded.Different types of products are placed together, which is particularly easy to interfere with EAS anti-theft devices.Then it will cause false alarms.Especially for RF EAS anti-theft device.It has very high requirements on the environment.There must be no metal products nearby, and no metal items can form a loop,this is equivalent to one anti-theft hard tag.

bohang EAS anti-theft device

2,The area of the grocery store is very small, so the EAS anti-theft device installed is very close to the shelf.Goods attached with the hard tags on the shelf are very easy to cause self-alarms.Under normal circumstances, we require the EAS anti-theft device to be more than 2 meters away from the shelf.

bohang EAS anti-theft device

3,Although the grocery store area is small, but commonly used electrical equipment is complete.If the RF antenna is still false alarm,this is active interference.This indicates that there are interference sources(electrical appliances) in the surrounding environment,that mean they emit a frequency containing 8.2MHz.It shows interference is difficult to preclude.Like refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner,must be used in these stores.

bohang EAS anti-theft device

So, if the owner of the grocery store wants to install the EAS anti-theft device,please directly try the AM EAS anti-theft device.This low-frequency EAS anti-theft device is not susceptible to interference.This can avoid more trouble from the source and save your time.

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