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Why does the security tag play a key role in clothing anti-theft? [Bohang]

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Why does the security tag play a key role in clothing anti-theft? [Bohang]


In order to ensure the safety of goods, many clothing stores will install a eas security system. Many clothes have security tags on them, and a small security tag plays a key role in clothing anti-theft. However, due to the quality problem of the purchased security tag, or the incorrect installation of the security tag, it will bring bad results. Therefore, we must do a good job in clothing store anti-theft, the purchase and installation of security tags are to attract our attention.


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When the merchant chooses the security tag, it is necessary to choose some safe manufacturers to buy the security tag through regular channels. Don’t be cheap, buy some inferior security tags. The quality of these security tags is not good, and the test results are not good. The reflection sensitivity is too low, which will bring unnecessary trouble to the merchant and affect the normal operation of the store.


The security tag is to be buckled on the clothes to be burglar-proof, so when the clothing is displayed, our clerk will buckle the anti-theft on the clothes. When the customer purchases the clothes and enters the checkout counter to pay, the cashier will open the security tag with a professional unlocker. After the security tag is untied at the checkout counter, the recyclable buckle is reusable and recycled. After that, it was used again on the clothing.


 Bohang security tag


 Some clothing stores do not pay attention to the importance of the security tag. They have never been used for many years, or they are too careless when installing. They are not installed according to the standard. The entire clothing anti-theft system of the clothing store is used together. No matter which part of the problem occurs, it will affect the overall anti-theft work, and it will bring trouble to the customer.


The details determine the success or failure, and must not be affected by the normal operation of the anti-theft system due to a small security tag, bringing a series of troubles. If we don't know how to install the security tag correctly, we must consult the professional staff when purchasing from the anti-theft device manufacturer. Do not install it blindly. Because of the operation error, it does not play the role of clothing anti-theft.

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