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Why is the price of EAS AM system higher than RF system?

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Why is the price of EAS AM system higher than RF system? 

We often recommend the sound and magnetic anti-theft device to customers who buy anti-theft devices. Some customers will not understand it. I feel that the sound and magnetic frequency is much higher than the RF price. You must be more profitable. Today, Xiaobian will take everyone to explore and explore why the sound magnetic anti-theft device is more expensive than the radio frequency. There will be such an experience for customers and friends: after paying for the money, the eas system at the door alarms, which makes the customers very disgusted, the impression of the supermarket is also greatly discounted. The supermarket loss prevention department is also very upset, and do not know how to explain to customers according to the data from our major search engine statistics: Many customers have experienced this kind of experience, and after getting an accurate answer, they will turn to solving the search engine. In fact, a large part of the reason is caused by the unstable performance of the anti-theft device purchased by the supermarket.


At present, the market mainly focuses on AM and RF alarms. In view of the long application time of RF anti-theft devices, many supermarkets still use the past RF anti-theft devices, and the RF anti-theft devices are subject to external interference factors. The stability is poor, and false positives often occur. The sound magnetic anti-theft device has a lower frequency, stronger penetrating power, low sensitivity to metal, and can provide a certain protection effect for some products with metal. According to the feedback from customers who use our Bohai sound and magnetic anti-theft device, there is rarely a situation in their stores because the customer will post an account and an alarm will occur. This also further illustrates the stability of Bohang's acoustic magnetic products.

Any store wants to establish a good trading relationship with customers. If you want to use this highly stable EAS sound and magnetic equipment, please feel free to contact us.

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