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Why is the price of supermarket eas system high or low? [Bohang]

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Why is the price of supermarket eas system high or low? [Bohang]


Merchants who have learned about supermarket eas system know that the price range of supermarket eas system is very large. Some supermarket eas system cost about 1,000 yuan, and the price of supermarket eas system is even over 10,000. Then a small supermarket anti-theft So far, the price gap is so much different? Nanjing Bohang has 20 years of experience in loss prevention and retailing loss prevention. Today, Xiaobian combines the experience of these years to tell everyone about the tricks.


Bohang supermarket eas system

The supermarket supermarket eas system and the high-priced supermarket eas system that are less than 120 USD do not look very different from the external sense. Some merchants will question some products with similar appearance. Why is the price a world apart?

The price gap of supermarket eas system is small because of the different appearances (some supermarket anti-theft antennas are made of acrylic transparent plates and stainless steel bases, some are ABS high-strength plastics and stainless steel bearings), which leads to different prices. . But most of the price gap is mainly reflected in workmanship, systems and chips.Acrylic transparent sheet and stainless steel base anti-theft bracket of the same material, because one is matched with the sound magnetic anti-theft system, and the other is the RF system, the price will vary greatly.


The price of the supermarket eas system using the acoustic magnetic system is very expensive, the anti-theft effect is good, the detection distance is wide, the anti-interference ability is strong, and the false alarm rate is also quite low; the radio frequency system is relatively affordable, but the anti-theft effect and the acoustic magnetic system are adopted. The supermarket eas system is worse than the one.


Bohang supermarket eas system

In addition, even the same system, the same material, because of the different chips used, the price is also very different, which is why the different models of the sound magnetic and RF anti-theft series, the price is also from a few hundred dollars The reason for thousands of dollars.


Therefore, when we buy a supermarket eas system, we can't understand the product of the merchant because the price of the other party is higher. The reason why the other party gives a higher price than other homes is still there are some reasons. When you purchase an supermarket eas system, you should combine your own needs for the product, and choose the one that suits you from the workmanship, system and chip.

Bohang supermarket eas system

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