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Why the commodity anti-theft eas system alarm [Bohang]

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Why the commodity anti-theft eas system alarm [Bohang]


When we go shopping in the mall, we will encounter the goods with the purchase of the goods through the commodity anti-theft eas system, but the goods have already been paid for, and the anti-theft eas system at the door will still have an alarm for no reason. It may not be the same. Today,we will tell you about the situation of such a false positive. If you encounter such a situation, you can find out the cause and solve the problem.


Bohang commodity anti-theft eas system


1. the body has a magnetic object, or there are anti-theft magnetic strips and the like, so when the door is over, the door will ring. Many people's bags may have anti-theft magnetic strips without degaussing. These magnetic strips are usually hidden, so it is difficult to find, which will cause an alarm through the product anti-theft eas system.


2. The purchased goods have not been degaussed. Anti-theft magnetic strips are pre-installed on the product. If the payment has been made, the cashier will degauss it. If the alarm is not received, the alarm will receive a magnetic induction signal. Some staff members forget that degaussing can also cause false positives.


Bohang commodity anti-theft eas system

3. the problem of anti-theft eas system in the mall, the anti-theft eas system will also cause false positives due to the interference of the surrounding environment, especially the large-scale electrical appliances that suddenly appear, the impact on the anti-theft eas system is not small, this aspect requires the store to pay attention to the anti-theft eas system every day. test.


Supermarket products generally have two kinds of anti-theft eas systems, one is a small eas soft label, the other is commonly known as eas hard tag, they all use the principle of magnetic induction Anti-theft, the alarm device at the entrance of the supermarket is also called "loss-prevention door", which is equipped with a magnetic sensor.

Bohang commodity anti-theft eas system

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