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Will the EAS RF system and the EAS AM system interfere? [Bohang]

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Will the EAS RF system and the EAS AM system interfere? [Bohang]


Before the commodity anti-theft industry, it has been the market dominated by EAS RF system. However, with the development of technology, the EAS AM system is more and more widely used, mainly because the EAS AM anti-theft system are more stable and the detection performance is better. The situation of interference is much less, and it can better cater to the comprehensive needs of commodity stores. At present, the sound magnetic anti-theft has promoted the modern commodity anti-theft system more and more respected. The merchants began to choose more acoustic magnetic anti-theft systems when purchasing the anti-theft system, but many merchants have installed the radio frequency anti-theft system before, and now install the sound in the store. Whether the magnetic system will be affected or not, today  will tell you whether there will be interference between the EAS RF system and the EAS AM anti-theft system.

 Bohang EAS RF system


 The RF security door is an electric field that the RF antenna emits a frequency modulated signal and then generates an alert. When a radio frequency tag enters this electric field range, the security door will resonate and alarm. The difference between the EAS AM security doors is the resonance phenomenon generated by the tuning fork principle, which is close to the operation of almost zero false alarm. When the frequency of the signal coincides with the oscillation frequency of the tag, the tag will cause resonance and generate a resonance signal; the acoustic magnetic security door will alarm. The EAS RF system will not affect the EAS AM anti-theft system. The two will basically not affect each other. The impact is the impact between the EAS RF systems. The installation of RF systems in both stores will affect the products. It can easily lead to false positives.


Bohang EAS RF system

For the selection of acousto-magnetic and EAS RF systems, if there is a large supermarket, there is no business around which you can choose a radio frequency anti-theft system. However, in general shopping malls, I recommend installing a vibrating magnetic anti-theft system so that there is no false alarm.

Bohang EAS RF system

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