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Will the mobile phone make the retail security systems alarm? [Bohang China]

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Will the mobile phone make the retail security systems alarm? [Bohang China]


Retail security systems are used in daily life. You can see them in some large and medium-sized supermarkets. Everyone knows its role, and its most common problem is false positives. Sometimes it is like a bank card. Bus cards and car keys may cause an alarm. Recently, someone asked if the mobile phone would make the retail security systems alarm? This Bohang China is not very clear. After asking the technicians and running a few cooperative supermarkets to ask if there are any cases, summarize the answers and let's take a look.


 Bohang retail security systems

There are still few cases where the mobile phone makes the supermarket anti-theft door alarm. Bohang China has viewed three supermarkets, only one case, but as long as there is a description that the mobile phone is likely to affect the retail security systems, but the chance is relatively small, then in the end why? Want to know the answer, we have to understand the working principle of the supermarket alarm. 

The retail security systems mainly have three major types of systems: radio frequency, acoustic magnetic and electromagnetic waves. At present, the sound magnetic system and the radio frequency system are mostly used on the market. The acoustic magnetic anti-theft device has high detection rate, almost zero false alarm, is not shielded by metal foil paper, has good anti-interference and wide protection distance, so it can be affected by mobile phones. Most of them are radio frequency retail security systems alarm.


 Bohang retail security systems

The RF anti-theft device is one of the earlier electronic anti-theft systems. It uses radio frequency as the system to transmit and receive detection signals, and the detection frequency range is generally 7.x-8.x megahertz. The detection rate of the radio frequency system is generally about 80%. Because the anti-theft security tag is a toroidal coil type, many coil items or electronic products with similar tag frequencies will trigger an alarm, causing system false alarms. 

Moreover, the RF anti-theft device is completely shielded by the metal foil paper, and the anti-theft security tag is close to or attached to the metal foil paper, which may cause the tag to fail, causing the system to miss reporting. Because the mobile phone is a sophisticated electronic product, its frequency may be close to the frequency of the supermarket anti-theft security tag under certain circumstances. At this time, when it passes through the retail security systems, it will be mistaken for the tag by the anti-theft device, so it causes an alarm. After all, this situation is still relatively small, so if you encounter this situation, just as the staff explained clearly.

Bohang retail security systems

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