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With double anti-theft effect - ink security tag[Bohang China]

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    AS we all know,there is a special security tag-ink security tag.It is a relatively uncommon security tag for us,because of its functionality and convenience, it is very popular among customers. Just like its name, it has ink inside, and it is not ordinary ink. Once the ink security tag is forcibly opened, it will stick to the clothes immediately. This ink can't be washed.Nowadays, most clothing stores, supermarkets and shopping mall use this ink security tag.


     In order to satisfy everyone's curiosity, BOHANG electronics popularizes this sturdy and durable security tag that is not easy to be "removed" by thieves. The ink security tag can be used together with various types of security tags to achieve double anti-theft effect. Suitable for the clothing industry, shoes, clothing, scarves, textile products, etc. There are two types of ink security tags, one is an ink anti-theft hard tag, and the other is an ink anti-theft tag pin. The ink security tag contains the anti-theft tag and the tag pin. The ink tag pin is equipped with an ink tube on the tag pin, which can be used with other anti-theft tags.

     Non-alarm anti-theft tag with ink tube, when the clothes are stolen, the ink will be sprayed onto the clothes. If the product with the ink tag is forcibly opened, even if the product is stolen, it can not use because the unable to wash color ink.For the ink security tag, general high-grade clothing store will choose this kind hard tags, because the price is more expensive than the common hard tags, but the anti-theft effect is so good,so if the budget is enough,please consider using it.


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