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You can't imagine the disaster area in the supermarket!

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You can't imagine the disaster area in the supermarket!


There is a place in the supermarket where you can't imagine stealing: the toilet!

Bathroom toilet paper, hand sanitizer and other cleaning supplies provided by the supermarket, some customers take toilet paper in rolls, hand sanitizer poured into plastic bags to take away, the supermarket can not afford to stop service, but other customers complain that the supermarket's work is not in place, these items are supermarket anti-theft equipment can not prevent theft.

Customers think that the supermarket is so big, so much income, how can these losses and even have human rights violations of suspicion.

Because customers do not understand how difficult it is to make every penny in the supermarket, when selling goods, we should also pay attention to the supermarket security measures.

Besides stealing, there is also a behavior that hurts most of the supermarket staff: customers damage the goods.

Whether or not a customer intentionally damages a product, such as a customer taking a bottle of wine, fell to the ground, the bottle of wine can not be sold, this part of the loss is also depleted. Some supermarket management is very strict, similar losses are borne by employees.

Some customers were thirsty, so they picked up a bottle of water and drank it at the supermarket. When the staff came up to dissuade him, he said, "I didn't drink for nothing, but I ended up checking out." This type of customer does not understand the supermarket's hard and fast rule: all goods in the checkout line belong to the supermarket, only those outside the line belong to the customer.

This regulation is to avoid loss caused by unclear reasons. Legally, goods that are not checked out are of course owned by supermarkets, and customers should not consume them for any reason.

In the evening, when the workers do the cleaning, they sweep out a pile of food and drink from behind and under the shelves.

Sometimes, hundreds of employees work hard for a day, and earn less than customers steal and consume.

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