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RF anti-theft system

These are related to the RF anti-theft system news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in RF anti-theft system and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand RF anti-theft system market.
  • RF anti-theft system false positive analysis [Bohang] Because of its high cost performance and low consumables, the RF anti-theft system is widely loved by people. "There is no perfect person." The RF anti-theft device also follows this principle.


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  • EAS RF anti-theft system fault self-discharge method [Bohang] Everyone knows a lot about EAS AM anti-theft system. Many merchants choose to use sound and magnetic equipment, but few people know about radio frequency anti-theft devices.


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  • How to solve the problem when the EAS RF anti-theft system works? [Bohang] In order to avoid the economic loss caused by the theft of goods in the store, many businesses have installed anti-theft devices for their stores.


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  • ‍Introduction1. Basic principlesFrequency modulation signals of 6.8-9.5 MHz are transmitted from the transmitting antenna to generate a warning electric field. When an induction tag enters the electric field, a resonance trigger alarm is generated. EAS is the abbreviation of "electronic commodity an


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  • Supermarket RF Anti-theft System【Bohang】First of all, there are only three main types of supermarket anti-theft system in the market, namely radio frequency system, acoustic and magnetic anti-theft system and electromagnetic wave system. Does the supermarket security door have radiation?


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  • In fact, the only difference is that the anti-theft technology used is different.1. AM Anti-theft System utilizes the physical principle that the tuning fork only causes resonance when the oscillation frequency is the same, and realizes almost zero false alarm operation. When the acoustic magnetic


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