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eas security door

If you want to know more about the eas security door, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the eas security door industry. More news about eas security door, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more eas security door information!
  • Attention! The mistakes of these supermarket anti-theft eas security door need to know [Bohang China] With the rapid development of the Internet era, the market for online stores is getting bigger and bigger, and the profits of physical shops are getting lower and lower.


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  • Everyone knows that supermarket and clothing store owners are most interested in the profits. Normal commodity costs, but the loss of stolen goods for supermarket and clothing store is also a problem. Once a long-term product has been stolen, it will cause a large loss to the supermarket, so the supermarket needs to protect the safety of every item in the supermarket.


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  • What are the benefits of using a eas deactivator?When the eas soft label is used, it is attached to the merchandise. When the cash register is used, the label is demagnetized by the eas deactivator, so that the customer does not alarm when passing the security door through the eas security door.


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  • Can supermarket eas security doors play an anti-theft role?Speaking of supermarket anti-theft security gates, I believe that many people believe that the kind of device that detectors use to detect whether or not to carry metal articles, also known as metal detection doors. But today Xiaobian wants


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  • Steps to install the eas system.Today, we will teach you a simple way to install a eas system, which can be easily done in just a few steps! Let's learn new skills together!


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  • What are the advantages of using a supermarket eas security door?Why use a supermarket security door? Bohang Electronics has been engaged in the production of supermarket security doors for many years and has an excellent reputation in the industry. Today, Bohang Electronics introduces the advantage


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  • How is the anti-theft effect of the EAS supermarket anti-theft systemIn life, shopping is a very common thing to do, people's shopping psychology is the same, hoping to find good quality and cheap goods. Retailers from all walks of life buy anti-theft products with the same mentality, requiring good


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  • Bohang clothing store glass door EAS anti-theft solutionGlass door clothing anti-theft features: The clothing store glass door EAS anti-theft device is installed inside or outside the entrance and exit glass door (depending on the situation of the store), usually installed with acoustic or radio fre


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