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What are the components of the supermarket anti-theft system?
The supermarket anti-theft system consists of a detector, an electronic sensor tag, a decoder and an eas detacher.
How is the detection effect of the supermarket EAS system
How is the detection effect of the supermarket EAS system Many supermarket owners choose to install EAS system in supermarkets. They want the EAS system can be able to burglar 100% of the goods. If achieve this goal,the EAS system is effective, but after installation,it can not meet the boss's requi
How to protect cosmetics from being stolen
What should I do if my cosmetics are stolen? Cosmetic protection box to help you.Recently, we received a customer inquiry. After the customer confirmed the size of the cosmetic protection box, he immediately placed the order in large quantities, and asked for the delivery immediately.
Supermarket anti-theft system selection
Supermarket anti-theft system selection According to channel characteristics,it is generally recommended to choose mono anti-theft system,RF mono system,representative products include BH9677MONO AM MONO anti-theft system and BH9277 RF MONO anti-theft system.
How to Choose EAS Anti-theft System for Shopkeepers
How to Choose EAS Anti-theft System for ShopkeepersAs we all know, there are main two types EAS system at the market at present, they are AM system and RF system, but for many people who are initially exposed to EAS system, they don't know how to choose suitable EAS system for their stores.
The appearance materials of the supermarket EAS system
The appearance materials of the supermarket EAS system Many people will see the vertical EAS system at the door of the supermarket and clothing store. Everyone knows that it is a testing device for anti-theft of goods.However, many EAS system that you see are not uniform.
Anti-theft for the supermarket of channel cashier
does not affect the customer's free shopping experience,greatly take care of the customer's psychological feelings,customer's self-compliance is fully protected.Allow customers to maximize the recognition of the supermarket.
What about always losing things in stores?
What about always losing things in stores? Many stores always losing things, such as clothing stores, supermarket, luxury stores and other private shops. When clothes or things are lost, shop assistants or boss can't find out in time, after closing the stores, they check the bills, it doesn't help

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